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Dr. P.V. Madhusoodanan

Professor & Head of Botany Department
University of Calicut
Kerala-673 635, INDIA

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A new book on Bryophytes (July 27, 2005)
Bryophytes of Wayanad in Western Ghats

by Manju C. Nair, K.P. Rajesh & P.V. Madhusoodanan (2005)

An illustrative account of 171 species and two varieties of bryophytes of Wayanad, the mountainous district in the Southern Western Ghats of Kerala.  This includes 105 genera and 47 families and two new species viz., Trichostomum wayanadensis  and Amphidium gangulii. Seven species and one variety are new distribution records to India, 31 species and one variety are new records to Peninsular India and 43 are new records to Kerala State.   More....>>>>>

Bryophytes of Wayanad

For copies contact:

Dr KP Rajesh

Botany Department

Calicut University

Kerala-673 635, INDIA

kprajesh.botany A#T gmail.com

Hard bound, D ľ Size, 

i-iv + 284 pages

Contributory price: 

INR 2,500 (inside India)- / US$ 100 (outside India) plus postage

Filmy Ferns of South India

by C.A. Hameed, K.P. Rajesh & P.V. Madhusoodanan (2003)

A new book on South Indian Filmy Ferns
An illustrated account of Filmy Ferns (Hymenophyllaceae) of South India with updated nomenclature (including 6 new combinations) and ecological notes. More....>>>>>

Eco-Floristic Studies on the Bryophytes of Kerala
A new Project started

With the objective of detailed documentation of the bryophyte diversity of the Kerala State, situated in the Southern Peninsular India. More....>>>>


Dr. PV Madhusoodanan has been actively engaged in research and teaching since 1975 in the Botany  Department of Calicut University. Born in 1950 and completed his M.Sc. (Botany) in the Calicut University Botany Department  in 1973. Soon after, he joined for research here and completed the Ph.D programme in 1988. He joined in this Department as a Lecturer in Botany in 1979. Later became a Reader and now he is serving as the Professor and Head of Botany Department.


M.Sc. (Botany), Calicut University, 1973

Ph.D., Calicut University, 1988

Awards and Honours

CSIR-Senior Research Fellowship

Fellow of Indian Fern Society (FIFS)

Member, Kerala Biodiversity Committee


Supervised 6 Ph.D and 7 M.Phil students.... Details....

Currently 8 students are doing Ph.D. ....Details....



Eco-systematic studies on the Bryophytes of Kerala (Ongoing)

All India Co-Ordinated Project on Taxonomy Capacity Building (AICOPTAX) for Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms (Ongoing)

Completed Projects


Research interests varies through

Pteridophytes (Ferns and allies): Taxonomy, Ecology, Morphology, Palynology, Cytology, Gametophyte development, in vitro propagation, Conservation, etc of South Indian Pteridophytes..... More in the Pteridophyte page

Bryophytes (Liverworts, Hornworts, Mosses): Taxonomy and Ecology of South Indian Bryophytes.... More in the Bryophyte page

Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae-BGA): Isolation, characterization, Nitrogen fixing, stress tolerance, Biofertilizer potentials...... More in the Cyanobacteria page

Recent Publications
  • Rajesh, K.P., M.C. Nair and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2003. Bolbitis crispatula  (Wall. ex C.B.Clarke) Ching (Lomariopsidaceae: Pteridophyta)- a new record for Peninsular India. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 27: 1040-1042.

  • Hameed, C.A., Rajesh, K.P. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2003. Filmy Ferns of South India. pp. 260. Penta Book Publishers & Distributors, Calicut.

  • Madhusoodanan, P.V., Sijimol, P.S. and Rajesh, K.P. 2001.Pteridology in South India- A Retrospection. Indian Fern J. 18: 18-34.

  • Kurup, K.M., Rajesh, K.P. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2001. Adiantum tenerum (Sw.) (Adiantaceae, Pteridophyta), a little known maidenhair fern from South India. J. Econ. Tax. Bot. 25: 716-718.

  • Madhusoodanan, P. V. and Hameed, C. A. 1999. Crepidomanes lunulatum (Hymenophyllaceae: Pteridophyta) a new filmy fern species from South India. Fern Gaz..15: 265-268.

  • Hameed, C. A. and Madhusoodanan, P. V. 1999. Crepidomanes malabaricum, a new filmy fern species (Hymenophyllaceae-Pteridophyta) from Southern India. Nordic J. Bot.19: 277-279.

  • Kumar, K. K., Jose, S. and Madhusoodanan, P. V. 1998. Rare, endangered and endemic pteridophytes from the Shola forests of Kerala State, India. Indian Fern J.15: 189-197.

Complete list


  • Nair M.C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2004. Bryophyte diversity of Kerala- A birdís eye view account. 16th Kerala Science Congress, 29-31 January, CWRDM, Kozhikode.

  • Madhusoodanan, P.V. and Nair, M.C. 2004. Pleurocarpous mosses of Eravikulam National Park, Kerala-1. J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 28: 338-346.

  • Nair, M.C., Rajesh, K.P. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2004. Bryum tuberosum Mohamed & Damanhuri, a new record for India. Indian J. Forestry 27(1): 39-40.

  • Nair M.C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2003. Bryophyte diversity of Wayanad district, Kerala-A preliminary report. 13th Swadeshi Science Congress November 7-9, MSSRF, Kalpetta, Wayanad.

  • Madhusoodanan, P. V. and Nair, M.C. 2003. Ricciocarpus natans (L.) Corda (Ricciaceae) and Notothylas levieri Schiffn. ex Steph. (Notothylaceae), two new bryophyte records for South India. Indian J. Forestry 26(3): 295-298.

  • Nair, M.C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2003. A preliminary survey of the Bryophyte Flora of Vellarimala in the Western Ghats of Kerala. (Abstract) National Seminar on Bryology, MS College Mothihari, Bihar, March 03- 04.

  • Nair, M.C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2002.  Studies on the bryophyte flora of Kerala (South India) – an introduction. J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 26(3): 697-708.

  • Nair, M.C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2002. Bryophyte diversity in Kerala- an introduction, (Abstract) National Conference on Recent Trends in Plant Science Research, Department of Botany St. Thomas College, Pala, November 14-15.

  • Madhusoodanan, P.V., Nair, M.C. and Easa, P.S. 2002. Diversity of Bryophytes in Eravikulam National Park, Kerala, South India. Abstract of the paper presented in World Conference on Bryologist, 2002 at National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow.

  • Nair, M.C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2001.Contribution to the Bryophyte flora of Eravikulam National Park, Kerala. J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 25: 569-574.

Complete list


Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology

  • Chithra, M., Martin, K.P., Sunandakumari, C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2005. Protocol for rapid propogation and to overcome the delay of rhizome formation in field established in vitro derived plantlets of Kaemferia galanga L. Scientia Horticulturae  104: 113-120.

  • Chitra, M., Martin, K.P., Sunandakumari , C. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2004. Silver nitrate induced rooting and flowering in vitro on rare rheophytic woody medicinal plant, Rotula aquatica Lour. Indian J. Biotechnology 3: 418-421

  • Sunandakumari C., Martin, K.P., Chithra, M., Sini, S. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2004. Rapid axillary bud proliferation and ex vitro rooting of the herbal spike Mentha piperita. Indian J. Biotechnology 3: 108-112

Complete list

Cyanobacteria (Blue Green Algae-BGA)

  • Umamaheswari N.A. and Madhusoodanan, P.V. 2003. Growth pattern and morphological adaptability of certain cyanobacteria (Nostocales) to various pH levels. Flora and Fauna 9: 87-90

  • Dominic, T. K. and Madhusoodanan, P. V. 1999. Cyanobacteria from extreme acidic environments. Curr. Sci. 77: 1021-1023.

  • Madhusoodanan, P. V. and Dominic, T. K. 1999. Abundance of Cyanobacteria (BGA) in the acidic paddy fields of Kerala, India. In: G. Subbarangaiah (Ed.). Recent Trends in Algal Research, Andhra University, Vishakapatanam. pp. 206-211.

Complete list

Biofertilizers (Cyanobacteria & Azolla)

  • Madhusoodanan, P. V. and Sevichan, P. J. 2002. Azolla and BGA as Biofertilizer for acidic paddy in the acidic soils of Kerala. Pp. 146-148. Natl. Sem. Pl. Biotech for Sustainable Hill Agri. (Edt.) Narendra Kumar, P.S. Negi & N.K. Singh, DARL, Pithoragarh (UP).

  • Madhusoodanan P.V. and Sevichan P.J. 2001. Application of Azolla biofertilizer in the acidic paddy fields of Kerala. Natl. workshop on Recent Developments in Biofertilizers for Rice based Cropping System TNAU, Coimbatore, p.28.

Complete list




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